What the Dr says?

Dr Lambert

Dr John Lambert,
Consultant in Infectious Diseases

My approach to treatment, as an infectious disease specialist, is to focus not just on the infection, but also on the damaged immune system and the resultant inflammation that results as a consequence of the immune system’s attack on the ‘invading pathogen’. Lyme disease is a bacteria which causes in many cases, an ‘occult’ infection, with dissemination to all parts of the body, persistent infection, and the ongoing attack of the immune system on these bacteria, many of which are thought to hide in biofilms. Bacteria can be killed with appropriate use of antibiotics, but antibiotics alone do not eradicate infections; equally important is a well-functioning immune system. So I use the concept of the 3 ‘I’ s. Infection, inflammation, (dys) immunity. I advise a series of supplement to repair the immune system, and there are many products available worldwide. Sublyme Vitality+ is a series of supplements to support the general immune system and also the brain. Sublyme Essential has a combination of products which includes products that focus on the 3 I’s. Japanese knotweed is what I call a ‘herbal antibiotic’ as it has activity against Borrelia, the bacteria of Lyme disease. In addition turmeric/curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory, and Nacetylcystine (NAC) is a product that has been used for management of ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. Thus Sublyme Essential is used for patients who are waiting to start Lyme treatment, or those who are completing treatment, to prevent ‘relapse’, if indeed there is residual infection at the completion of antibiotic treatment. While standard medical textbooks state Lyme is easy to diagnose, and easy to treat, and does not persist; new research studies are showing this is not the case. Lyme (and accompanying co-infections) can cause long standing persistent infection and symptoms, and a holistic multidisciplinary approach to treatment, including immune and anti-inflammatory supplements, are part of the strategy to cure people of this difficult to treat (but treatable!) condition.