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Based on 13 reviews

Flavours a little sour but way prefer that to the original seaweed flavour, this product is a lifesaver for me, I’m recovered from Lyme with autoimmune problems and this definitely helps with my energy and immune system, a must for me, I recommend to anyone feeling rundown

Big fan

Taking these gives me the reassurance that I’m staying on top of lymes disease, delighted this product is on the market

Poor customer service

Have ordered Sublyme capsules in the past with no issues, ordered on Oct 10th, Account debited on 11th Oct and order still at Announced stage,
Received email to say delivered 14 days ago yet tracking clearly shows my order has not been sent. No response from phone calls or emails .
Very disappointing customer service. Hopefully this review will stir a long awaited positive response from Just Herbs Europe!

This issue was resolved in 48 hours.

Better tasting

Love that it’s now lemon flavoured as it was very strong fishy taste previously. Recommend by consultant for vaccine induced long covid and find it good. Saves me taking handfuls of supplements

More Energy

I have been prescribed this product by my consultant 2 months ago following reaction to vaccine and long Covid. My energy levels are up and great relief from joint pain.
My immune and nervous systems seems to have settled down at last relief!!!


I’d been prescribed as part of a regimen for long Covid. The overall treatment was definitely helping - I was on the road to recovery. Unfortunately after two months there was a hiatus in production - for a month. I felt the old symptoms and fatigue returning. I was heading into a real slump when the next batch arrived. Even within 24 hours it was making a difference and a week later I’m back on the road to recovery. Invaluable!


Recommended to me by my doctor to combat covid vaccine reaction early days but starting to see benefits. Good company to deal with

High quality product. Contains one month supply.

Vaccine injured

I was recommended this by my consultant after an adverse reaction to my Covid vaccine. This along with Sublyme essential have really helped me. I just wish it came is capsule form. I add it to smoothies but find it can be a bit overpowering/fishy. Would love a capsule!

Vaccine induced LC

This was recommended to me by consultant after I had an adverse reaction to my Covid vaccine. They have really helped me turn a corner in terms of energy and cognitive function. I’ve just order my second batch. Highly recommend for anyone with vaccine injury.

Sublyme plus change of product

Liking change in consistency and smell of product. More palatable but has it changed any of ingredients?

Great quality

Great products, but very high postage fees