Support your Thyroid Function, Energy Levels and Cognitive Health with Sublyme Thyro

Support your thyroid function, energy levels and cognitive health with Sublyme Thyro.

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, or if you want to boost your thyroid to prevent future problems, the good news is that eating the right nutrients - including iodine, selenium, zinc and ashwagandha - can help to reduce your symptoms and improve your thyroid function.

Together with herbalists and nutritional experts, we’ve developed a brand new, unique supplement called Sublyme Thyro which can help to support your thyroid naturally, as well as supporting your cognitive health, metabolism and energy levels.

What is the thyroid and why do you need to look after it?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, just in front of the windpipe. It secretes several hormones which influence almost all of the metabolic processes in your body. The most common thyroid problems involve abnormal production of these hormones.

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Sublyme Thyro for Hypothyroidism

Insufficient hormone production leads to hypothyroidism. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, fatigue, constipation and dry skin. It can also cause cognitive problems such as decreased memory, depressed mood and slower mental function.

Sublyme Thyro is packed full of powerful minerals, amino acids and herbs which can help to support the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Designed to support the normal production of your thyroid hormones, it will also aid your cognitive function, your metabolism (the process by which you get energy from your food), and contribute to the normal functioning of your nervous system.

Iodine and L-tyrosine

The thyroid gland cannot produce the right hormones without the presence of the amino acid L-tyrosine and the mineral iodine. An iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism. Studies have found L-tyrosine can be beneficial for improving cognitive function.

Organic kelp

Kelp is a type of seaweed, and it’s one of the best natural food sources of iodine. Kelp is also high in antioxidant minerals, such as manganese and zinc. The body needs zinc for thyroid hormone production, and a zinc deficiency can result in hypothyroidism. One serving of Sublyme Thyro provides 93% of the recommended daily dose of iodine.


The mineral selenium is required for thyroid hormone production, and also helps protect the thyroid from damage caused by oxidative stress. The thyroid contains high amounts of selenium, and a deficiency can lead to thyroid dysfunction, so it’s important to maintain the correct levels of selenium in the body.


Ashwagandha is a powerful herb which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It has gained recent popularity as an alternative treatment for thyroid issues. Recent studies indicate promising results for treating hypothyroidism.

How should I take Sublyme Thyro?

Adults over the age of 18 should take one to two capsules a day with a little water. Children over 12 years can take one capsule a day and children over four years can take half to one capsule with a little water or juice.

If you are taking levothyroxine, we recommend you start Sublyme Thyro four weeks prior to a thyroid test. This is in case your medication needs to be adjusted as your thyroid health improves.

Sublyme Thyro is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten, dairy, GMO and sugar free.

If you want to support your Thyroid for optimal health, then try Sublyme Thyro now*

*Please consult your doctor before starting any new thyroid supplement. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent disease.

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