Mindfulness, diet and keeping active - three key ways to stay healthy and enjoy the festive season

The run up to Christmas is a time when we tend to get run down. There’s the pressure to socialise, finish work deadlines, spend time with family and get everything ready - buying presents, decorating our homes, and preparing food and drink.

It all adds up to a recipe for burnout, exhaustion and anxiety. This is especially true if you’re living with an illness such as Lyme Disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In this article, we’ll discuss some key things you can do to stay healthy and avoid stress as we get closer to the festive season.  


  • Manage your own expectations 

  • It’s important to be realistic with yourself about what you can achieve, both at work and at home. Don’t expect everything to be perfect, and instead of beating yourself up, try setting aside time each day for a short meditation to celebrate all your little achievements. Being present with feelings of satisfaction regularly will help you enjoy the ride and go with the flow. 

  • Be in the present moment

  • Anxiety comes when we are either ruminating about the past, or worrying about the future. This can be even worse before Christmas, with a to-do list that’s mounting up, or feelings of dread about spending time with family or inlaws. The best approach is to stay present, only focus on what you need to do today, and take each day as it comes.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Social media can make you feel like everyone is having a better, more perfect Christmas than you, which can lead to anxiety or depression. Just remember social media is only a highlight reel - no one shares the mundane or difficult parts of their life. Setting a daily limit on your use of apps like Instagram can help.


  • Be honest about your needs

  • If you have food intolerances or you’re following a plant-based diet, Christmas can be a stressful time. When staying with friends and family, it’s best to be upfront about your dietary needs. Don’t feel under pressure to eat things you wouldn’t normally eat. You can help your hosts accommodate you by giving them plenty of notice, or by offering to bring a dish to share. 

  • Take care of nutrition

  • With so much temptation to eat junk food and consume alcohol, it’s easy to neglect your nutritional needs. This can be especially difficult if you live with a chronic illness such as Lyme Disease, Long Covid or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which can require a delicate balance of the right diet and supplements.

    Sublyme Thyro is a food supplement uniquely blended to support cognitive function, metabolic health and energy. It’s designed to support those suffering from chronic illnesses, but it’s also a useful daily food supplement if you're looking to support your general health and wellbeing, and your thyroid health.

    Being Active

  • Stick to a routine

  • With so many demands on our time, our fitness regime can be the first thing that drops off the to-do list. Sticking to a set routine each week and marking time out in your diary can help you keep up with your exercise. For example, if you know that Thursday is yoga night, you’re more likely to show up, and less likely to book other things into your schedule at that time. 

  • Set achievable goals

  • Let’s be honest, one of the things we love about the festive season is the chance to relax and recharge. So it’s ok if you’re not out at sunrise every morning running a marathon. Be kind to yourself and accept that your fitness regime might need to be a little more gentle and less demanding. Even some brisk walks with family can help you to stay active and burn off those extra calories. 

  • Save time online

  • One of the things we tend not to have much of at Christmas is time. This means taking a chunk out of your day to travel to and from the gym, or to a pilates class, isn’t often possible. Online fitness classes have been one of the positive outcomes from the past couple of years. It’s an easy, enjoyable approach that still leaves you enough time to meet up with friends for a festive drink! 

    Ready to boost your health and energy over Christmas?

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